Apr 14

Incident with ohEVO T1

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Apr 15Edited: Apr 15

Stewards decsion: The stewards/league admins have decided to ban ohEvo for the rest of the season, taking others out on purpose is completely unacceptable in league racing.


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  • I feel like there was not a car width’s space left on the inside for me at the apex, I also lifted and dropped to 7th as 130R side by side should not be flat out, Im not sure but it looked like he tried it flat out if not he was quite close, he was not ahead so he shouldve at least slowed so we could make the corner side by side in my opinion https://youtu.be/YHLN5QXxpjY
  • Tier: A1 Involved: Akhil & Muggern What you think happened: I think i held the inside line and was ahead going into turn 1 having passed muggern the lap before. He turned in aggressively and touched the rear of my car making me spin out. I feel like i slowed down into turn 1 and held the racing line. Video Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRGaChgiutM&list=LLwdUez9EIfBekhnSa_reikg&index=2&t=0s
  • Just turned in to me into turn 1 while I was alongside him