Apr 29

Kalkkers Incident

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Edited: Apr 29

Tier: T1

Involved: Me and Kalkkers

What you think happened:

Going in to the hairpin Kalkkers tries an opportunistic move around the outside, instead of backing out, he decides to complete the move with the car on the outside of the track limits.

I don't look at this incident lighthearted seeing Kalkkers goes ahead and calls me an idiot afterwards in the group chat.

When looking at this I want you guys to have in mind an incident I was involved in back in season 3 around Mexico where I was given a penalty. If you want the footage to compare I can provide it.

Video Evidence:


Stewards decison: The stewards see the incident as 50/50 blame, Alex should have given kalkkers more room, but kalkeers could also have pulled out of it when he saw there wasnt room for a cars width. So no penalty's will be awarded.


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