Aug 18

T2 Azerbaijan NoWayJose_44 and SLR_AJ_F1

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NoWayJose_44 and SLR_AJ_F1

1. This is the main crash I would like looked at because it led to the other incident. Idk if it will be ruled as a racing incident and I would like to see AJ’s perspective of the battle. So we come out of turn 3 I stay on the inside to defend, he comes at the outside and I squeeze him as much as I can just to be sure we make it out in one piece but also to “control” the corner. Idk if we touch on entry be it was pretty close. Outta turn 4, AJ gets a better acceleration than I and decide to block the inside again but it all goes to shit, I brake where I should be braking for this tight left hander (I don’t want to lock up and end up in the wall.) But he just rams me from behind. I get that he expected to have a clear path to launch up the inside by taking advantage of how the track changed there, but I wanted to close this opportunity to him, force him down the outside. Turn 6, I squeezed him but my line of entry was way too tight because of how far I was from this clash. 2. This one caused most pain for my race but anyway. We collided in turn 5,6,7 at this point he’s got the inside line for turn 8, which is way too small for 2 cars but I wanted to try anyway. Of course AJ had the inside for this corner but was behind me at the braking point, at this point we could still make it but he tries to overtake. I brake earlier to try and make it and he brakes later to desperately overtake. But, maybe I should’ve let him through and it’s my fault, maybe fighting was not the best option here.


Stewards decision: The stewards have decided to give SLR_Aj_F1 a 5 second time penalty for the incident with NoWayJose at the start of sector 2. he outbroke himself and hit NoWayJose which in the end gave him the chance to overtake him. The incident at the castle section we think NoWayJose should have backed out of and therefore no further action is warranted. SLR_Aj is also given 3 penalty points.


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